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Lubos Rendek's Radio Page - Czech and Slovak Broadcasts on Shortwave

Welcome to my webpage! 

As of October 2014, there is only one station in the world broadcasting
programs in the AM-Mode in Czech on Shortwave, namely China Radio International. 
There are no AM-Mode Slovak broadcasts on Shortwave.

The Czech and Slovak broadcasts list will be updated as soon as possible after
a new radio listening season comes into effect. Please note that frequencies
may vary throughout the year, so try all of the frequencies listed. This won't 
take you long, as there are so few of them!

China Radio International Broadcasts in Czech:
1100-1157    15225 17540 17570
1900-1930    7325  7415  9515
1930-1957    7305  7415 

(times given are in UTC/GMT) 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you find exactly what you are
looking for! 

This page was last updated 19th October 2014.